Here you can find out where we are going to be racing so you can come out and support Cody and his effort to enjoy the sport of Off Road Racing and Mud Bogging around the country in his WORLD RECORD Handicapped driver equipped Mega Truck .  Take a few minutes to read the story of this courageous young man who even though in a wheelchair due to a broken back, continues to compete and enjoy the exhilarating ride and competition in his nationally known mega truck.  Check out his schedule and come out and experience some engine roaring, smoke stack billowing, mud slinging fun as truck after truck tries to tackle the mud bog.  If you have never been to an event like this you need to come out and watch the fun.  Mud bog racing happens somewhere in the state almost every weekend and, depending on the event, you could see everything from ATV's and UTV's to trucks of all sizes, shapes and horsepower.  It's good family fun.